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Your guide to emerging technologies transforming business

Business Services

  Application Suites
  Billing and Invoicing
  Document Signatures
  Email and messaging
  Event Management
  Financial Management
  HR and Recruiting
  Sales & Contact Management
  Service and Helpdesk
  Travel and Expenses

Mobile professionals

  Contact Management
  Document Scan & Storage
  Manage Passwords
  Productivity Tools
  Remote access
  Task Managers
  Time Tracking

Collaboration and Crowdsourcing

  Collaboration Services
  Comprehensive Platforms
  Enterprise Focus
  Product Design
  Project Management
  Questions, Ideas, Experts
  Software Testing

Sharing Resources

  Shared Lodging
  Shared Transportation
  Shared Workspace
  Sharing - Other

Publishing together

  Audio and Video
  Blogging Platforms
  Consolidate and syndicate
  Cross-platform publisher services
  Offline blog editors
  Recompose and Mashup
  Social Posting

News Sources
Retail & Online Commerce

  Emerging Payments
  Financial APIs and Tools
  Info services
  Loyalty and Rewards
  Online Accounting and Billing
  Online storefront
  Personalize content
  Point of Sale order & pay
  Point of Sale services
  Predict Preferences

Connect Physical and Virtual

  360 degree view
  Augmented reality
  Checkins and Discovery
  Location sharing
  Location Social Networks
  QR Codes
  Scanning apps for QR and Barcodes
  Social photography

Social Media Management

  Analyze Effectiveness
  Backup and Search
  Campaign management
  Monitor Brands and Topics
  Site add-ons
  Twitter Front-ends
  Twitter Tools

Rich Identity

  Full-picture Information
  Identity and Single Signon
  Recognition and AI
  Reputation and Influence
  Social Groups

Data Analysis

  Big Data Infrastructure
  Data Repository and Access
  Data Visualization

Cloud Computing

  App development for non-experts
  Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  Cloud Integration
  Embeddable services
  Monitoring and other services for IT
  Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  Virtualization Infrastructure